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Many people like you and me are always looking for ways to become more organized, to finally release the piles of junk we can’t seem to clear out of our house or apartment, finding extra time in the day to do that cleaning up we so desperately want to get to. Especially since minimalism is so trendy, and organizing is now tied with interior design, there are lots of fun ways and ideas to enjoy your soon-to-be way of life.

Marie Kondo, the best selling author and organization expert, links some of the clutter in our lives to emotional ties, and feeling overwhelmed that the decluttering process is too big, which then gets put off for another year. Obviously, we can’t go on living with growing piles of stuff in our homes! So how can we approach a project that seems impossible?

Organize Your Kitchen

Make a Checklist

First, we must find some extra time in the day to complete the tasks that bother us the most about our homes. Start by making a checklist of all the things you have to do or check on every month.

  • Bills
  • Family obligations
  • House chores
  • Recurring office or school work

Set some time aside to brainstorm about your month, and keep the list detailed and updated – check it once a month.

Automate Tasks

Are you taking advantage of the life-changing technology behind automatic payments? If not, this is a must. Granted it’s good to stay on top of exactly where your money is going each month, but knowing your bills will be paid on time whether you remember the exact day or not, is a good stress reliever and time saver. Then, you can utilize that extra time to start organizing your house…

Organize Something Small Every Day

There is absolutely no need to clean, order, and discard clutter from EVERY last nook and cranny of the house today or this month. This is your whole life in a house-sized box, so take a small manageable bit every chance you can.

The first small habit to create is to be particular with the way you put your jacket and shoes away. It’s tempting, depending on the space you have, to just kick off the shoes and throw the jacket wherever. Create a space if necessary, or have one installed, then hang the jackets and line up the shoes neatly.

The Perfect Mudroom

Even placing them toe-out like on display at a shoe store will not only allow you to see clearly which pair is which, allow you to take better care of them, and it will be 10x more pleasing to the eye and feel like you’re picking out shoes from the store every day! This may sound silly, but it really makes a big difference (especially when your guests take notice.)

Label Like Crazy

Especially if you have boxes and various containers in the kitchen or in your closets that you can never seem to remember what’s inside, just label them and never again waste time opening and closing every single one until you forget what you were looking for. This project may be a good one to start with when you’re feeling the next urge to declutter!

Many disorganization issues start to form due to a lack of structure to our organization methods. So what does that mean? Become aware of small things you do at home, especially in the morning and in the evening. For example, how do you change your clothes at night? Do you throw the things you’ll wear for another day into a slightly folded heap on the chair? Do you put the dirty things into a pile on the floor? Time to break old habits and form great new habits we can be excited about!

In the next blog, we’ll talk about Marie Kondo’s methods for folding and storing clothes that could, believe it or not, change your life for the better, as it has for millions of people. Let’s put that beautiful closet and wardrobe to good use!

Start your day with an organized closet