Critical work space that everybody uses can be difficult to arrange and keep organized. Let us help!

  • Store tools for easy access
  • Keep sports equipment and games handy
  • Tame your lawn and garden tools
  • Organize arts and crafts
  • Keep dangerous materials away from kids

Custom garage organizer solutions can include:

  • StoreWall/accessories
  • Organized work area
  • ProStor/Racor accessories
  • Work surfaces
  • Full range of colors, styles, and accessories

No matter how large your garage is, there never seems to be enough room. With lawn and garden equipment fighting with sports gear and automobile paraphernalia for floor space, and ladders and bicycles hanging from the walls and ceiling, the amount of accumulated stuff can often be overwhelming. Let Closet Concepts take some of the pain away with a few of the garage ideas we have to offer. A quick review by one of our space planners can make your life much easier and organized and then our in-house installers will take care of the details. After we’re through you might even be able to find that pipe wrench that went missing years ago.